What is important

The customer is the center of our interest

We want to impress our customers with the highest quality standards, innovative products and comprehensive services.

We achieve these goals through:

  • Experienced contact partners for customer consulting and support services
  • Highly motivated team of employees
  • Training customers and employees
  • Advanced training for all employees
  • Research and development projects closed  international level>


Quality is not an accident
 Q Mark Factory products are famous due to the highest quality and the optimal use in accordance with ergonomic requirements.

The principles of our quality policy are supported by all company employees and are a part of our company culture.

There are set work assignments and quality control measures from when the raw material arrives until the product is delivered.

Our quality management system according to QB/T1924¡ª1993 and GB/T15067.2¡ª1994
  • Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product!

Research & Development

Research and development for tomorrow's requirements
Our development department is equipped with tools workshop which transform our customers' requirements into high quality products.
We have our own professional team for the continual improvement of the work processes in production and for research and development. Using the latest scientific methods and specially developed testing procedures, we guarantee quality and the continual improvement of our products.

Our CAD workstations meet the most modern standards.

Stereomicroscope with monitor and color printer.

Testing cutting geometry using a laser.

Testing the flexibility of thin knives.


Every company is a part of society and is responsible for not only assuring it¡¯s own future - not only sales and profit - but is also particularly obligated to it¡¯s employees and it¡¯s own joint environment Environmental protection measures:

  • Production - no waste water due to systematic re-circulation of the process water
  • Material and energy balance sheets
  • Closed loop cooling water circulation



The essential content of our company's principles is customer-oriented action.

    http://www.dick.de/images/space.gifYangjiang Q Mark Cutlery Factory has been a manufacturer of high quality products in the following areas since 1985

    • Kitchen Knife for professional
    • Kitchen knife for the home
    • Wooden items for life


    Brand Names:

    • Q mark
    • wincook


    The past and the future. New times create new demands

    Company History

    1985  Jack Lau founded a file manufacturing workshop in Jiangchen, Yangjiang.

    1999  the workshop re-name to YANGJIANG Q MARK CUTLERY FACTORY, and created the brand Q MARK.

    2000   founded a wooden items factory  and a factory professional manufacturing Food tongd and and there are three factories below YANGJIANG Q MARK CUTLERY

    2003  created  the brand  WINCOOK
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